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Official Club rosters of TSF. Basic Members are excluded and appear only on our Discord server.

Team Directory

This directory includes all team members and lists the divisions and regiments that each is assigned to.

Private _R3K_43   CoD          
Sergeant Major 2Dragons BF            
Master Gunnery Sergeant 69fordfalcon           WoWP  
Private AaronC63     R6S        
Community Member Acidnerv              
Corporal Afetus             WoWS
Private First Class albertakker     R6S        
Community Member Albuca              
Corporal Amatsuki   CoD          
First Sergeant apasmusa             WoWS
Community Member Ares17              
Private First Class armyvet2009         WoT WoWP WoWS
Private First Class Ashton2343   CoD          
Staff Sergeant AverageTommy BF            
Private BadGuy4U   CoD          
Gunnery Sergeant bakuto       TCTD      
Master Gunnery Sergeant Barbobb24             WoWS
Community Member BEARspyder              
Corporal Ben_Burnzy   CoD          
Lance Corporal Bert_   CoD          
Staff Sergeant BilliamJ             WoWS
Sergeant Major BlazingE         WoT WoWP  
Community Member BloodWord              
Staff Officer 5 Blue_Berry23             WoWS
Sergeant Major boogeyman8727         WoT    
First Sergeant Bricksyx9       TCTD      
Sergeant BrittleSteel     R6S        
Community Member bro              
Sergeant brotherofbravo             WoWS
Private First Class Brown_Noodle     R6S        
Private Buck   CoD          
Staff Officer 5 CaliberWolf BF   R6S        
Staff Officer 1 cam_agent03       TCTD      
Sergeant Major Canine           WoWP WoWS
Staff Officer 4 CaptnAndy             WoWS
Private CarreRate     R6S        
General Officer CattailX BF CoD          
Master Gunnery Sergeant Centinel76         WoT    
Community Member Certas              
Sergeant Major cheng1             WoWS
First Sergeant Chili_burger     R6S        
Sergeant ChrisUK   CoD R6S        
Sergeant Major chuck460           WoWP  
Sergeant Cliversick   CoD          
Private Coldsvite             WoWS
Community Member Communicator              
Master Sergeant ComradeGoblin       TCTD      
Commanding Officer 4 CptClubber       TCTD   WoWP WoWS
Private CR1M-S0N     R6S        
Staff Sergeant CrazyDave1369 BF            
Sergeant Major CrewCut2       TCTD      
Corporal Dana_Mariee   CoD          
Senior Adviser DarkmanX              
Lance Corporal Darkpixx   CoD          
Sergeant Major Daveyworld         WoT    
First Sergeant Davidd       TCTD      
Executive Officer 2 Dead_Shot_CW             WoWS
Community Member Deanmrd              
Staff Sergeant Deathspire92   CoD R6S        
Sergeant Major Demorg       TCTD WoT    
Staff Officer 5 derekp         WoT WoWP WoWS
Gunnery Sergeant Diggy   CoD R6S TCTD      
Private First Class DirtiDodger       TCTD      
Staff Sergeant dixon038             WoWS
Staff Sergeant djwhodat             WoWS
Recruit DocCuredMe     R6S        
Commanding Officer 4 Dog_Boss1       TCTD WoT    
Sergeant doktor9             WoWS
Community Member drew33445              
Sergeant Major DS_61_3           WoWP  
Sergeant Major Eager_Flea           WoWP WoWS
Sergeant Major efreedma         WoT    
Gunnery Sergeant EgHcUt       TCTD      
Sergeant Major EinKaliber           WoWP  
Private EOCHalo   CoD          
Sergeant erihol1 BF            
Master Gunnery Sergeant Exrion     R6S        
Community Member FancYTHEToasT              
Sergeant Major FEBA     R6S        
Staff Sergeant FENIX7800     R6S        
Gunnery Sergeant Feral1             WoWS
Private Ferdilanz             WoWS
Sergeant Major fixitquick79   CoD          
Private First Class Flapjack-UFO     R6S        
Master Gunnery Sergeant Flood000   CoD       WoWP WoWS
Community Member Frags4u              
Gunnery Sergeant Frenchrose   CoD          
Master Sergeant fritz269 BF            
Private Gall_Pizi   CoD          
Private First Class garuda_two       TCTD      
Private Gezeder_North             WoWS
Private Gillesbenz2000     R6S        
Master Sergeant Gomez     R6S        
Private First Class Gqsilas       TCTD     WoWS
Sergeant Major GrandAdmiralDavid             WoWS
Community Member Grasberg666              
Recruit Gryffin_2             WoWS
Sergeant Major Gyasi             WoWS
Community Member haefler              
Sergeant Major HanzZeppler             WoWS
Sergeant Major HARDCOR     R6S        
Executive Officer 2 Hardstrike           WoWP WoWS
Corporal Has_Potato_Aim             WoWS
Private First Class hashbrown6299   CoD          
Staff Officer 1 Havoc             WoWS
Private havocfire1ten     R6S        
Private HEYElliott   CoD          
Sergeant Major Holth             WoWS
Community Member HudsonA08              
Recruit HxmbosXKL     R6S        
Master Sergeant IceyElmo   CoD R6S        
Chief of Operations idga_chuck BF            
Private iMC       TCTD      
Private infinitywulf             WoWS
Sergeant IronHawk BF            
Community Member Jag3365              
Private First Class JanslenSolitaire     R6S        
Private Jchoo             WoWS
Private JeffJeffery             WoWS
Lance Corporal Jhin             WoWS
Sergeant Major jimbokoolz     R6S        
Staff Sergeant JinHavocs   CoD          
Recruit Jinx     R6S        
Sergeant Major jkize           WoWP WoWS
Community Member JoenixG              
Corporal Joshhyyy11   CoD          
Private JxBarnes_Extinct       TCTD      
Lance Corporal K1113R_S1ASH       TCTD      
Sergeant Major Kaiser         WoT    
Private KampfKartoffels BF            
Sergeant Major KDanger BF            
Gunnery Sergeant KHAN-USMC   CoD          
Private Killersith99       TCTD      
Staff Sergeant KingGooseIV   CoD          
Recruit KnotRox     R6S        
First Sergeant KnownAsLegend       TCTD      
Sergeant Major KonAitor     R6S        
Community Member Koric              
Private kyram     R6S        
Community Member L0zx              
Sergeant Major L3ft_nut         WoT WoWP  
Community Member lakespookie              
Private Lamester99   CoD          
Private Lappie   CoD          
Master Sergeant LemillionTM       TCTD      
Community Member lightning581              
Sergeant Lightseeker71 BF CoD         WoWS
Sergeant Major Litigo         WoT   WoWS
Gunnery Sergeant LittleJoshy   CoD          
Recruit LoveAsura   CoD          
Master Sergeant ltzApoIIo   CoD          
Sergeant Lugerz   CoD          
Private Lunar_Leaves22   CoD          
Private Lycanthropic   CoD          
Sergeant M4t7theNinja BF            
Community Member Mac_Daddy8724              
Sergeant Major MADjuan           WoWP  
Staff Officer 3 MadMax75th             WoWS
Chief of Operations Magician              
Gunnery Sergeant Mandrellan_60       TCTD      
Sergeant Major mathmaster           WoWP  
Master Sergeant McGrub4r       TCTD      
Staff Officer 5 Medic_3223         WoT    
Private Megaleu41168             WoWS
Gunnery Sergeant Mike_Lowry   CoD          
Corporal Milkybuns BF            
Community Member mmmmmmbeer              
Sergeant Major Morlinwist             WoWS
Private MrRemnant     R6S        
First Sergeant MTN_DV8           WoWP  
Recruit MurdaHarlem55 BF            
Corporal Murder_Vixxenn   CoD          
Private MuStAgE BF            
Private First Class MyKagune     R6S        
Private n30Gnosis BF           WoWS
Sergeant Major Nalec           WoWP  
Commanding Officer 3 Narichii   CoD          
Community Member Nasse83              
Master Sergeant Nathan     R6S        
Sergeant Major NerdRage89             WoWS
Master Gunnery Sergeant Nevarius             WoWS
Master Gunnery Sergeant NewHewkas     R6S        
Gunnery Sergeant NIB   CoD          
Community Member Nikean              
Staff Sergeant NJsPhilosophy BF CoD          
Sergeant nmx7       TCTD      
Staff Sergeant NNeonlights BF            
Private First Class Nosyar       TCTD      
Sergeant Major NOT_A_SHRED         WoT    
First Sergeant Npc1978       TCTD      
Community Member nurmond              
Sergeant OC-Paladin     R6S        
Master Sergeant OGDozza           WoWP  
First Sergeant OHurry           WoWP  
Sergeant Major Old_Bull_3rad         WoT    
Staff Sergeant Onehitta     R6S        
Sergeant Major oneone             WoWS
Private First Class orbaccord       TCTD      
First Sergeant Outwardpanicjoe           WoWP WoWS
Community Member OyuncuDedeler              
Sergeant Pamplemousse BF            
Community Member Pandatraz              
Staff Officer 3 PatrickW       TCTD      
Staff Sergeant Patton         WoT   WoWS
Sergeant Major PCTrojan           WoWP  
Corporal Pedminacar BF            
Staff Officer 3 pewpewpew42             WoWS
Corporal PickleRickOnC137 BF            
Private Pigeon_Kicker           WoWP  
Private First Class pilgrimlost             WoWS
Private pnfirehawk       TCTD      
Executive Officer 1 PoshBoyHarry     R6S        
Gunnery Sergeant Praetorian       TCTD      
Sergeant Major Primmy     R6S        
Private Projecs92 BF            
Master Sergeant Psalms1441             WoWS
Private PsychicFantom     R6S        
Private pushydubs   CoD          
Lance Corporal QuantemFear     R6S        
Community Member Quantica              
First Sergeant r0ck5t4r     R6S        
Gunnery Sergeant R3AP3R_elite     R6S        
Private First Class Rabyn             WoWS
Community Member Radias              
Community Member Rancidx              
Lance Corporal Rapture27 BF CoD          
Community Member raven054              
Sergeant Raven434             WoWS
Sergeant Redfred90       TCTD      
Community Member RedHatter              
Lance Corporal relaz             WoWS
Private First Class rendezvouss             WoWS
Gunnery Sergeant RHINO_Mk_II             WoWS
Community Member RipTheJacker              
Executive Officer 2 Rob-P BF     TCTD      
Sergeant Major RockinCS           WoWP  
Master Gunnery Sergeant Rollensmoke           WoWP  
Private First Class rollin     R6S        
Community Member Rougelemon              
Sergeant Russtik BF            
Executive Officer 2 SaarNissim BF            
Sergeant Major sacHONDA       TCTD      
Community Member Sadclown              
Community Member sandman              
Private SavageScope1           WoWP  
Recruit SC266 BF            
Gunnery Sergeant Schmuckatelli             WoWS
Staff Officer 4 Scribbles       TCTD      
Master Sergeant ScuffYxSius   CoD          
Lance Corporal seabeezach     R6S TCTD      
Community Member Senshi              
Sergeant Major Seraphina_Angel   CoD          
Master Gunnery Sergeant sharpshot244 BF CoD          
Sergeant Major ShutUpNRok         WoT   WoWS
Community Member SierraTango              
Sergeant Major Silvin         WoT WoWP WoWS
Sergeant Major sirwence             WoWS
Private Skorpio   CoD          
Private Slas3R-     R6S        
Lance Corporal Slopped   CoD R6S        
Master Gunnery Sergeant SmokaDaERB365           WoWP  
Staff Sergeant smsi BF            
Sergeant Major Snakedoctor15   CoD R6S        
Community Member SnakeVenom              
Sergeant Major Sniperzero112 BF   R6S TCTD     WoWS
Private spatel0148         WoT    
Private First Class SpazStick69   CoD          
Sergeant Major spinone           WoWP  
Master Gunnery Sergeant SpitHappens             WoWS
Recruit SSgtGumby BF            
Community Member SSSHHWING              
Community Member StealthMercenary              
Community Member SteamPunk22              
Private SteelCups     R6S        
Sergeant Strykker     R6S        
Community Member SumoCow              
Supreme Commander Sundance              
Community Member Swarley              
Gunnery Sergeant SwedePotato     R6S        
Recruit Swizio BF            
Private SydeShow     R6S        
Sergeant Major Tab       TCTD WoT   WoWS
Master Sergeant TacticianRobin1       TCTD      
Gunnery Sergeant Tainted_Thorn             WoWS
Commanding Officer 2 Talipen   CoD R6S        
Executive Officer 2 Tathrip             WoWS
Private Teedeezy22       TCTD      
Private The_Yoppa     R6S        
Corporal TheChaplain       TCTD      
Private First Class TheDestroyerKSP             WoWS
Community Member TheDR              
Community Member TheDrunkNorwegian              
Community Member TheLegacy              
Sergeant Major Thelongwayhome     R6S        
Private TheToxicPsycho0311   CoD          
First Sergeant TheWildLeon       TCTD      
Private First Class Tksoccer           WoWP  
Sergeant Major Travo83             WoWS
Private TriggerHappyVet       TCTD   WoWP WoWS
Staff Officer 4 Trouble_SR             WoWS
Community Member Tux              
Community Member UBDead              
Community Member Uhh              
First Sergeant Ukaid       TCTD      
Corporal UncleFestor BF            
Sergeant Major Undertaker4279           WoWP  
Master Sergeant unfunctionaltoasty       TCTD      
Sergeant Major USMC_Snoopy         WoT   WoWS
Private First Class VandaLiZer BF            
Gunnery Sergeant Vengefuldrake     R6S TCTD      
Recruit Vexten             WoWS
Private vHyperFace     R6S        
Staff Officer 1 Virucidal BF CoD   TCTD      
Community Member viziouz              
Sergeant Vsp1664 BF            
Sergeant Major WCAssin300       TCTD      
Private WhiteGeneral376     R6S        
First Sergeant WhoDey     R6S        
Community Member Whomper              
Staff Officer 5 Wicked_Awesome             WoWS
Community Member winterghost              
Sergeant Witchdoctr91 BF            
Master Sergeant WOLF9603   CoD          
Private WolfRunner20     R6S        
Community Member xFR0NTLiN3x              
Sergeant Major XJ80           WoWP  
Recruit XLR8     R6S        
First Sergeant Xylakane       TCTD      
Lance Corporal Yavuzaq     R6S        
Private Yeetsir   CoD          
Community Member YukselRatib              
Master Sergeant Zavi BF CoD   TCTD     WoWS
Gunnery Sergeant Zigarius             WoWS
Executive Officer 2 ZIGZAG4U         WoT    
Sergeant Major Zman           WoWP WoWS
Staff Officer 2 Zombozzz1     R6S