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TSF's World of Warships Division

TSF's World of Warships Division needs little introduction. Since 2015, it has been one of the premier units on the North American server, with multiple continental championships under its belt. Despite all of our success, the thing we are most proud of is our community: great people whose company new and old players alike can enjoy. With offerings for both competitive and casual players, TSF makes the best of the game accessible to everyone. Please join us!

Champions of North America

These videos feature just a slice of our great history in World of Warships competitions. TSF has won multiple North American championships. We used various tags during the years depicted, the most famous one being [SF-3]. We were one of the founding members of the community-led tournaments, and have been featured on Wargaming streams and on the World of Warships website.

Is TSF For You?

We are seeking team players who have the right attitude for achieving excellence. The battle is between two fleets, not a bunch of players. There will be times that you may need to use a ship that is not your favorite, or a strategy that you do not prefer, in order to benefit the team. We want to develop players with the "whole battle" mindset that allows their individual skills to shine and the whole team to rise as one.

If you are interested in the competitive scene, be sure to visit our Discord and talk to one of our officers. We will go over your available ships, your play style, and discuss your options. Don't be intimidated or discouraged if your collection of ships is not the best. We can help you identify what you can do to best position yourself for competition. Consider joining us for a Clan Battle! Perhaps one day you will be King of the Sea?

Is "weekend warrior" more your style? No sweat! Our casual unit is all about getting into good games regularly. Stop by our Discord any time to division up with our members and see what you're missing! If there is more you want to achieve in terms of developing your skills or growing your ship inventory, we are ready to assist you. In fact, some of our competition players started off as casual players, and grew over time!

In TSF, we want all players to learn and master communication and tactics. Everyone has room for improvement. We want all our members to feel at home and be able to join up for enjoyable and challenging games. We want to develop leaders, not only at the division level, but throughout the team.

TSF is a multi-game community; a full list of our games is on our home page. We're one of the oldest gaming communities around (learn more about us), so be confident that what you build here will last.

We encourage you to join our Discord server and play with some of our members. When you're ready to commit:

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