Premier Gaming Community Since 1997

TSF, the premier gaming community since 1997.

The online gaming community of choice for those seeking to move a step above the rest. Proven over the last twenty-five years. Bring your positive attitude for teamwork and enjoy the game with us!

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TSF voice comms and our center of gaming activity. Open to all. Events, LFG, and more!

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Our Steam Community group is open to all and is a great addition to your list. Meet new players and expand your network.

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Our Community

Experienced and Stable

We are one of the longest-lived teams in all of online gaming. Build with us, and you can have confidence your contributions will last.

Active and Engaged

We work to keep our rosters lean so you have teammates to play with nearly all of the time. Frequent events and a vibrant Discord server.

Accessible for All

Placed between the exclusive e-sports outfits and typical small clans, we welcome all without the need for inside connections or contracts.

Positive Culture

We haven't forgotten that everyone was new to the scene once. Jump right in and make new friends.

Opportunity for All Players

Options for both casual and competitive players, so each can reach the gaming experience they want.

Principled Standards

We keep the ruffians out and strive to be consistent in our rules, to promote a low-drama atmosphere.
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