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Note: If you have an account on our website, please log in first so you can link your account and get your proper roles on the server.

Discord Server Rules

  • Please refrain from using excessive profanity.
  • Conduct detrimental to our team, including recruitment for outside groups, is prohibited.
  • Spamming voice or chat is prohibited.
  • Nicknames must be appropriate for all audiences. Impersonation of anyone will be banned.
  • Content that is NSFW is prohibited.
  • Do not disrupt users who are playing a game. Wait for a break in the action to jump in.
  • If recording or live streaming, it is required to change your nickname to show this.

We reserve the right to remove users without warning.

Join Our Discord Server

Use the #select-games channel to choose the game channels you want to see; you will only see general channels until you do this!

Create a voice channel for any game you like! See #create-voice-channel for instructions.

Need assistance? Let us know in #request-help.

Discord is the main voice system of TSF. Our TeamSpeak server is still available, but not presently used for team activities.

We encourage you to use Discord unless this is not possible.