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We welcome you to join TSF, the premier gaming community since 1997. Start your new gaming experience with one of the finest teams in gaming. All are welcomed!

Join TSF

Thank you for your interest in joining TSF! We know you have many communities to choose from, and we're excited to have you here. Whether this is your first time joining a gaming team, or you've been around the scene for decades, we hope that TSF offers you the great experience you are hoping for.

TSF is one of the longest-lived online gaming communities on the internet, since 1997. Our mission is to be the premier gaming community: a home for the player who seeks action, friendship, and excellence in every way. We play in various multiplayer games on the PC and on cross-platform consoles. If you're not already familiar with us, you can learn more about TSF before you continue.

Elevate Your Game

Connect with fellow gamers, make new friends, expand your network.
Improve your skill, increase your performance, achieve new goals. Learn with feedback just for you.
Stay ahead of the game with the latest news. Keep up with the culture and memes.
Access multiplayer events, participate in competition, tournaments, and more.
Seek advice, share experiences, and solve problems together in our community.
Explore different games and genres, so you stay interested and involved.

If you're a dedicated competition player, you play strictly for fun, or you're somewhere in between, TSF is the gaming community of choice. Our members have moved back and forth from playing in tournament championship squads to being weekend warriors. Teenagers, working parents, gaming enthusiasts, retirees, streamers, developers, first-time gamers, male and female, from every continent—all have all been TSF members.

If you just want to play and take on no extra responsibility, great! Otherwise, we welcome you to try one of our staff roles. If you are up for the challenge of leadership, TSF wants you. Be ambitious or chill, we have a place for you!


You must be at least 16 years old when you apply for membership. Many of our members are adults.
All of the action takes place in voice chat, so you must have a working microphone in order to participate.

Game formations may have more requirements for certain roster placements and activities. We accept members from around the world, but play options may vary by geographic region and time zone.


  • A TSF member is a step above the general internet population. Appropriate personal conduct is a must.
  • Bring a positive attitude that helps everyone achieve their goals.
  • Play when you can, with your teammates as you are able. Real life comes first.
  • Work together, communicate clearly, avoid unnecessary disputes and drama.
  • Cheating, hacking, and exploiting are absolutely prohibited.
  • Wear your TSF tag with pride and represent the team well to the public.
  • Respect your leaders and provide them with your candid feedback often.

Select Your Membership

We have two different options for membership. You may start with Basic Membership and move up to Club Membership later if you wish. Membership in TSF is always free and you do not need the referral of a current member.

🌟 Club Membership 🌟
  • Full membership, access to all units
  • Ability to take a staff role
  • Benefits on our website and on Discord
  • You'll need to create a website account
  • You'll need to file an application
  • Approval usually takes a couple days
Apply for TSF Club Membership
Basic Membership
  • Not able to join competition units
  • Not able to take a staff role
  • Not displayed on our website rosters
  • No need for a website account
  • Apply quickly on our Discord server
  • Fast approval, usually within hours
Join Our Discord Once you join, use the !apply command.
Have a question about joining TSF? We are eager to hear from you, no matter how small your concern. Contact our staff on our Discord server or you may e-mail for assistance. Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!