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TSF's World of Tanks Formation

TSF's World of Tanks Formation has been a presence on the North American WoT server since 2010 and continues to offer an active and focused community for the dedicated tanker. In game we use the historic [SF-V] tag and continue the tradition of excellence in gaming. If you play World of Tanks on the North American server, we would be glad to meet you!

Is TSF For You?

We all appreciate that the game of World of Tanks is not the most popular game around and it's not the newest either. Our players are here for its continued enjoyment. If you are a North American player of World of Tanks, please consider joining us. All players are at home here and you don't have to worry about your skill or tier level.

In TSF, we want all players to learn and master communication and tactics. Everyone has room for improvement. We want all our members to feel at home and be able to join up for enjoyable and challenging games. We want to develop leaders, not only at the squad level, but throughout the team.

TSF is a multi-game community; a full list of our games is on our home page. We're one of the oldest gaming communities around (learn more about us), so be confident that what you build here will last.

We encourage you to join our Discord server and play with some of our members. When you're ready to commit:

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