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We thank you for your interest in TSF. Please use the guide below to determine the best person to contact with your inquiry. Sensitive correspondence will be held in confidence on request. When e-mailing, please include a descriptive subject line. Thank you!

Matters Relating to Team Business

Formation Leaders
Team Leadership
Supreme Commander of TSF

Complaints Regarding a Member's Conduct
We welcome factual and substantive complaints about our members if they have acted inappropriately. Contact the Formation Leader for the relevant game. Please include your evidence, including a detailed narrative of the offense. If you are unsatisfied with the response of our Formation Leader, contact the Corps Commander that corresponds to the Corps listed above for the formation (if that position is vacant, contact either the Chief of Staff or the Supreme Commander).
Scrimmages and other Joint Activities
For information on how to challenge us to a scrimmage, please see our Scrimmages page. Please do not e-mail scrimmage requests. For all other joint activities, contact the Formation Leader of the relevant game.
It is not possible to join our team by any method other than filling out our application. Please see the Join TSF section for more information. If you have questions about the application process or are having problems with the application, please contact recruitment@team-sf.com for assistance.
Social Media
For any concerns relating to the team's social media pages such as to report inappropriate content or an unauthorized social media page using our name, please contact communications@team-sf.com with the details.
Press Contact
For members of the press seeking to contact us for an interview or information, please contact press@team-sf.com and please provide a reference to your press credentials.
If your company is offering a form of sponsorship to our team, please contact inquiry@team-sf.com and provide a detailed proposal and contact information.

Matters Relating to Our Servers and Website

If You were Kicked or Banned from one of our Servers
Please review our Server Rules first. If you still believe that an operator took action against you for an unwarranted reason, please compose an appeal with all of the following information included: the server on which the incident occurred, your player name as it appeared on the server, the date and approximate time (including time zone) when the incident occurred, the name of the operator which took the action against you (if known), and a detailed description of the incident that occurred and the reasons why you believe you should not have been kicked or banned. Please provide all of this information to admin@team-sf.com and your appeal will be reviewed.
Website Account Problems
If you cannot log in to your account or are having other related problems, please follow the directions on the Password Retrieval page.
Website Bugs
If you have discovered a defect in our website, please contact help@team-sf.com and please describe in as much detail as possible what the problem is, what steps you take to trigger it, and what internet browser you use.
E-mail Opt-Out
If you are receiving e-mails from our website that you no longer wish to receive, please contact admin@team-sf.com from the affected e-mail address and provide a copy of the type of message you are receiving.

General Inquiries

For all other matters not described on this page, you may make a post on our forum. If this is not possible, you may contact the appropriate formation or team leader in the list at the top of the page, or you may contact inquiry@team-sf.com for matters not related to a specific division.

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