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TeamSpeak 3 Server

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Announcement: Effective May 1, 2019, TSF moved its voice comms from TeamSpeak to Discord. If you are looking for people to play with, please go to the Discord page to connect. Our TS server is available only as a backup, and for testing the new TS version.
Public Access
  • Connect right away with no registration!
  • Only your current default TS3 identity will be used.
  • Use this page the first time, then you can connect directly thereafter.


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Availability of public access may vary.

  • Create your free permanent account on our server.
  • Options to choose and manage your identities.
  • For those who regularly use our server and want permanent access.

Is Public Access not working for you?  Please let us know! Contact and provide as many details as possible.

What is This and What Should I Do?

Welcome! This page allows you to access our public TeamSpeak 3 voice server. In order to use our server, you first need to install the TeamSpeak 3 client if you have not done so before. It's a free program that allows you to use a computer microphone to talk to other people over the internet.

If this is your first time here, click the Public Access button to the above-left, and follow the instructions. This lets you join our TeamSpeak 3 server quickly and without needing to register. It will use the default identity you have set up in TS3 to connect. Once you are connected, you do not need to visit this page again in order to connect with the same identity.

When I try to use Public Access, my browser tells me that it doesn't know how to open a "ts3server://" link.
Make sure that TeamSpeak 3 is installed properly. Older versions of TeamSpeak will not work. If TS3 is installed, try restarting your browser.
When I try to connect to the server, an error about an "Invalid Privilege Key" is shown.
Come back to this page and click the Public Access button again. If you keep getting this error, please contact us (see above) to let us know.
I used this page in the past to connect, and now when I connect it asks me for a password. What is it?
There are occasions when we make our server private, and you will not be able to connect. Please try again later.
It shows me as being in the "Visitors" group instead of the "Public Access" group. How do I fix this?
Use the Public Access button above to reconnect to the server. It will use only your default TS3 identity; if you change to another identity (such as a second computer), you will need to return to this page and use the Public Access button again.

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