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TSF's Call of Duty Division

TSF's Call of Duty Division provides a semi-tactical, non-toxic environment for players who want organized games, without the headaches of trying to do it all yourself. We play Modern Warfare III and Warzone. We're open to all, veteran and newbie alike, who have the right attitude and the drive to achieve their best and be great additions to our community atmosphere.

Is TSF For You?

We support players on all platforms. Players on consoles will need to have Discord running while they play in order to communicate and cross-play with our PC players.

To excel in Call of Duty, you need enough solid teammates who can work together, start strong, and build on their progress all the way to the end. You need to depend on more than simply your own skills alone to win. Many people grab a couple of their buddies and try to run as a squad, which is fine for the average gamer. Those who want to elevate to the next level and dominate need more.

In TSF, we want all players to learn and master communication and tactics. Everyone has room for improvement. We want all our members to feel at home and be able to join up for enjoyable and challenging games. We want to develop leaders, not only at the squad level, but throughout the team.

Our members come first, and we strive to meet their expectations every day. If you're looking for a competitive experience or you're still learning, we support you. If you're a weekend warrior, or you're grinding every day, you're also at home.

TSF is a multi-game community; a full list of our games is on our home page. We're one of the oldest gaming communities around (learn more about us), so be confident that what you build here will last.

Most of our CoD players are in North America. Those from elsewhere in the world who can play on that server are also welcomed. We are actively seeking more leaders, both at the squad level and at the division level.

What Games does the TSF Call of Duty Division Play?

  1. Call of Duty: Warzone (WZ)
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (MWIII or MW3) 2023

We encourage you to join our Discord server and play with some of our members. When you're ready to commit:

  Join TSF Today!