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Our Updated Website Design is Live!

Our Updated Website Design is Live!

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We are glad to finally announce the long-awaited redesign of our team website! We had previously introduced the use of our new team logo elsewhere in our web presence, but now our website has been updated with our new look as well.

Aside from introducing the new logo, the redesign brings our website up to modern standards, in particular by introducing comprehensive support for mobile devices. A small number of areas on our website have not yet been updated to be mobile-compatible, and a message will appear on those pages for users of mobile devices. However, the entire process of landing on our website, registering an account, logging in, filling out your profile, and filing an application to become a TSF Club Member, can now be performed using a mobile device.

If you discover any bugs in our website, let us know in the #request-help channel of our Discord server. Thank you!

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