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Team Special Forces

We welcome all outside clans and organizations to play in scrimmages and other activities with us to promote active competition. Everyone benefits from cooperation, as it helps each game sustain itself for the long term by developing a diverse and healthy society of competitors.

Typically, the most challenging aspect to organizing a scrimmage is getting everyone together at the same time.
Therefore, we respectfully request that all scrimmages be organized well in advance whenever possible to allow the greatest amount of flexibility for our members to plan for these events in their real life schedules.

Our league matches, division practices, and other official activities take precedence over scrimmages. Scrimmages are arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. If an existing event conflicts with your request, please accept our apologies.

Ground Rules

We will work to find an agreeable time to schedule your event. We expect that members of your organization will:

  • act in a dignified manner and refrain from engaging in disorderly conduct,
  • be ready to start the event promptly at its scheduled time,
  • not participate in or tolerate any cheating or hacking,
  • communicate clearly with us and to have a designated leader present, and
  • focus on having an organized game with at least a minimal amount of strategic planning.

We hope that these basic expectations are reasonable for you and appreciate your cooperation.

Scheduling a Scrimmage

The easiest way to schedule a scrimmage with us is join our Discord server and select the desired game from the #select-games channel. This will give you access to the text chat channel(s) for that game, where you should introduce yourself and post your scrim request. Please specify clearly your organization's name and the date you would prefer to have the scrimmage.

In your message, please spell out precisely what kind of scrimmage you would like to have. If you want to have any special or non-standard game rules, please explain clearly what they are. Also tell us the number of players you expect to participate (4v4, 6v6, etc.) and if you want a specific map.

It is critical to include the time zone when you list the time you would like to have the scrimmage. We have a time converter on our website that you can use to determine the correct time and time zone to post. You can use the "Option 3" to make a URL to post into Discord which will show the correct time to all users.

We also need to know what the server arrangements will be for the scrimmage, but please do not post passwords as those will be exchanged later.

Our staff members from the appropriate game will review your request and respond as soon as possible. Please remember to check back on your post later to see the reply.

Scrimmages are just the beginning when it comes to joint activities!
Don't miss out on new opportunities as one of our partners.

Split-Side Scrimmages

A twist on the traditional scrimmage, where half of your players join our team and half of our players join your team. This activity helps players improve their communication skills by putting them with players they are not familiar with and having them quickly exchange tactical information. It also helps players expand their experience level by working with players with different styles and skill levels. All of your players join our voice server and then the teams are picked and moved into separate channels.

Joint Practices

We can hold a joint practice with you and walk step-by-step through common scenarios, helping participants understand key concepts and to focus on areas where they need improvement. This activity is at a much slower pace than a normal scrimmage, allowing all the participants to ask questions as it goes along. Your entire group joins us in our voice server for the practice. Availability of joint practices is limited.

Server Seeding Exchanges

If you're a reliable partner, we can help you seed your public server by having a few of our players join when you need that extra boost to get your server started. In exchange, we will expect some of your players to join one of our servers in the same manner. We could go back and forth between your server and ours at the same time. A helpful activity when you just want to pub and not focus on competition.

Competition Alliances

We can work with you to develop a combined roster of players who will play together in a league competition. This will require an alliance agreement between your leader and the commanding officer of our division. With this agreement, your members are granted special Ally access to our system, which gives them enhanced access to our voice server and our forum. This option is geared towards organizations who want a long-term competition experience but may not have enough members on their own to sustain a long campaign (or for those who just want to mix things up).

You can learn more about these options by contacting the commanding officer of our relevant division.

You are also welcomed to join us on our Discord server and meet and play with our members.

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