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First Month of Battlefield V
Public News Releases
As we come to the end of November, we take a brief moment to review how the first month of Battlefield V has gone. We are glad to say that a lot of new members have joined us, and that the Battlefield Division continues its tradition of providing lots of entertaining games at almost any hour of the day for our members.

Our Discord server has been quite active with BF5 players; if you are curious about the team, that would be a good place to mingle and meet some of our members. We hope that in the coming months that game server support will become available so we can continue our practice of providing excellent, well-administered servers to the gaming community.

And just in case you might be getting Battlefield V under the Christmas tree this year, don't worry! We are accepting new members all the time and welcome you to stop by our Discord server to get some quality games in. See you soon!
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