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World of Warships Squads Win Season 5 Championships
Public News Releases

Team Special Forces is proud to recognize the achievements of our World of Warships Division competition teams, which have completed the fifth season of the Warships Supremacy League as champions of both the Gold and Silver divisions! Our "Potato Kings" squad, who were the champions of last season's Bronze division, we won the Silver division in a 3-2 victory over Quality Potatoes.

Our top-flight competition unit and defending champions of the Gold division used the nickname "Kraken Jackers" and had another exceptional performance this season, culminating in a 3-1 victory in the final over Clubbed Seals. Team [SF] is now the four-time champion of North American competition in World of Warships!

Once again, we would like to thank the league for their efforts in organizing this competition and all of the teams and players that helped to make this season a success. We look forward to defending our titles in Season 6!

Team Special Forces is one of the top World of Warships teams in the world. We welcome new players, both competitive and casual, and offer many activities in different skill groups. If you would like to join Team Special Forces, please see the Join Us page for more information. We welcome all players on our public TeamSpeak server and would be honored to play games with any Warships players.

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