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World of Warships Team Champions of North America
Public News Releases

Team Special Forces is proud to recognize the achievement of our World of Warships competition team, which was crowned the champion of the Gold Supremacy League Season 3 after completing their 17-1 season with a victory in the finals Saturday night 3-2 over FOG 7th Fleet. Team Special Forces was the co-champion of Season 2, and this marks our first outright championship in the top flight of World of Warships!

Our World of Warships competition team is now listed as the #1 team in all North American competition!

The entire championship game (broadcast by Wargaming and hosted by Mejash) is available on YouTube: Click here for Game 1 and follow the links for the other games in the series.

Team Special Forces wishes to thank the Supremacy League for their grass-roots effort to organize competition in WoWS, Wargaming for their support and promotion of the tournament, and all the fans who came out to watch our games on the stream. We look forward to defending our title in Season 4!

If you play World of Warships, either competitively or casually, and want to join Team Special Forces, please read our Join Us page for further information. Selections for Season 4 will be announced in the near future, so those wanting to join should do so as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and support!

You are welcomed to join our public TeamSpeak 3 server to meet and congratulate our players. You could also stick around and enjoy some games with our members!

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