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Team Special Forces

We focus on providing our members with the level of advanced resources they need to have the edge in their gaming. We strive to have excellent services available so that our members can focus on achieving their objectives, instead of worrying about servers and service issues.

An Unrivaled Voice System

Having reliable voice communication is essential for the gamer to effectively and immediately communicate with his or her teammates. This is why we have invested considerable resources into developing a system of high quality and high capacity voice servers that ensures that our members will always have top-of-the-line voice service available.


We operate redundant voice servers, and our website features an account system that links voice accounts to website user accounts, keeping group associations and permissions synchronized across the voice servers. Our voice servers are geographically isolated from each other on independent network connections.

In the exceedingly rare event of a voice server failure, users simply switch over to the other server and all user accounts and permissions continue to operate exactly as they had on the previous server, with no interaction required by the user. However, most members won't encounter this scenario as our voice servers have an excellent record of reliability and uptime.

Our system provides enhanced security to prevent most disruptions and annoyances and our staff of operators are constantly available to assist users in need.

We also provide public access to the main server so that any outside player can join our server. We encourage all players interested in enjoying a structured gaming experience to join us on our Discord server and in our game server, even if it's just to say hello and see what it's like.

Dedicated Game Servers

In games where dedicated servers are available, we select experienced and trusted companies to host our dedicated game servers. Our servers have simple rules and we strive for them to be a reliable place to have an excellent gaming experience. Policies vary by division, but typically it is possible for members to be granted some moderator powers.

Our Website

We have a busy forum like most gaming organizations, but we also offer our divisions a private wiki which allows all members the opportunity to contribute to strategy planning, intelligence gathering, and the writing of topical articles.

Our team roster is not just a listing of our team members. It also keeps track of each member's level of activity on our website and on our voice server, automatically alerting our commanders when division members fall below minimum activity requirements. This helps to keep our rosters fresh and active, and makes it easier for our staff to keep track of such a large number of members. A system of automatic promotions acknowledges members who are positively contributing to our community and helps members keep track of their progress.

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