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About Our Team: Organization
Team Special Forces

Our team has persisted for as long as it has in part due to its strong structure and organization. A well-defined chain of command and empowered, yet responsible, leaders are key factors of the team organization. The team's agile and open leadership is ready to meet members' needs.


Our team is led by our Supreme Commander who oversees the conduct of the entire team. Each game that we play in has a division which is led by a Commanding Officer, who directs the day-to-day activities of the team in that game. Members are primarily responsible to their division's Commanding Officer. We use military-style ranks and titles, but these do not come with any inherent powers on their own. We do not "salute" each other or take things too seriously in terms of military ranks.


Our team structure is bottom-heavy. Most staff positions are close to the regular members, and many decisions are made at the lowest-possible level. This encourages member input and participation in the formation of policies. Commanding Officers have sufficient autonomy to run their divisions as they see fit without the need to pass many decisions up the chain of command. The result is a more responsive staff which is not completely dependent on the central team leadership.

We actively seek to groom the next generation of leaders. Those members who wish to get involved in the operation of their division are invited to apply for any open staff positions. Whether it's leading a match, running a practice, helping new members to become acquainted with the team, producing content for our website, monitoring the forum, acting as moderators on our game servers, or any of the dozens of other tasks that a division is responsible for on a daily basis, members are encouraged to get involved and develop their leadership potential. All of our current team and division leaders moved up through the ranks from ordinary membership to where they are today.


The team's leadership is comprised of the Supreme Commander and his Chief of Staff, who oversees the team's two leadership bodies: the Team Executive Staff and the Team Council. The Team Executive Staff is essentially a steering committee made up of only the most-senior team officers who consider matters relating to the long-term direction of the team and its resources. The Team Council is a more representative body which considers ordinary matters of team leadership, including member discipline and appeals, in addition to any other matter that a member may request be considered.

The team has departments above the division level which handle specific areas of operation on behalf of all the divisions. These areas encompass recruitment and application processing, financial matters, server and website operations, and general communications. By centralizing these functions, each division is free to instead focus on their game.

Members and staff officers always have the right to appeal any decision which impacts them in private to the next-highest officer, all the way up to the Supreme Commander. Members are also encouraged to report any misconduct or administrative failings anonymously without fear of any reprisals. By having multiple pathways that a member can use to interact with the senior leadership, and our policy of open participation, the number of disciplinary issues we encounter on a regular basis is very low compared to many clans.

We are not a perfect team, and we never will be. We do have occasional growing pains and problems that need intervention to be solved. Not everyone is always pleased with every decision that is made. Our team's long history is a testament to the fact that our community is resilient, facing down challenges that would destroy many clans. We have the institutional experience and maturity to handle even extremely difficult crises and we have weathered many storms in the past. We're still here, and we think that means that we must be doing something right.

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